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Terelj National Park

The Terelj National Park can be reached from Ulan Bator in about an hour’s drive. The protected area, also known as the Gorkhi Trelj National Park, is located approximately 50 kilometers east of the capital. The region is part of the Khentii Mountains, which extend as far as the Russian border in the northeast. A visit is especially recommended for travelers who only have a few days available. You can take beautiful walks and horse rides in this great landscape. The Tuul river is suitable for swimming and canoeing. Forests, granite mountains and unusual rock formations offer unique impressions of nature. Many residents of Ulaanbaatar use the park as a recreation area. In summer, barbecues are held on the river or volleyball is played. At this time of year, it is easy to endure in the green in the middle of the floodplain forests. The bridge over the Tuul marks the park entrance, at which you pay an entrance fee of 1000 MNT per person and 3000 MNT for a vehicle. Almost everywhere there are nomads who lend horses and offer themselves as riding companions. Renting a horse costs around 10,000 MNT per hour. Turtle rock, a block of granite made of te. If you walk the path behind the rock, a popular visitor destination is that of the Cretaceous period in the form of a turtle. Accommodation options are available in some ger camps and hotels in the park.

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