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Khovsgol lake

The province of Khovsgol (Khovsgol Aimag) is particularly characterized by Lake Khovsgol, one of the most beautiful places in Mongolia. Flower meadows stretch along its banks as far as the eye can see. The surrounding area is a real hiking paradise and probably the best place in Mongolia to camp. The lake itself is ideal for swimming, fishing and canoeing. The Khovsgol Lake is the second largest lake in Mongolia with a length of 136 kilometers and a width of about 30 kilometers (it is the largest freshwater lake) and the deepest in the country with 262 meters. The drinking water reserves stored in it amount to 317.5 cubic kilometers. In good light, you can look deep down. Seen geologically, Lake Khovsgol, 1645 meters above sea level, is the younger brother of Lake Baikal in Russia, which is only 192 kilometers northeast. 96 rivers flow into the lake, while one river, the Egijn Gol, flows out of the Selenge River and finally into Lake Baikal. Since 1992, Khovsgol Lake has been part of the national park of the same name, which covers 838,000 hectares, 251,000 of which are forested. Forestry, tourism and fishing are the main sources of income for the region’s inhabitants. In Ulanbaatar you will find supermarket berry jam and canned fish from Khovsgol.

Only in the Khovsgol province did shamanism survive and is still practiced there. If you are lucky, you will meet locals who will tell you where the shamans meet in summer on Lake Khovsgol.

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