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The Tawan Bogd National Park has an area of ​​approximately 6350 square kilometers. Part of this is the Tawan Bogd mountain range with six peaks permanently covered in snow. One of them is the highest mountain in Mongolia, the 4374 meter high Khuiten Mountain. There are also some glaciers in the area, one path leads to the first for about 15 kilometers. The Potanin glacier is 20 kilometers long and five kilometers wide. Here is also the Shiweet ChairKhan, a sacred mountain with rock carvings of maral deer and other animals. An important archaeological find was made not far away on the Russian side in 2006: When opening a burial mound one discovered a 2500 year old ice mummy of a Scythian warrior – with rich equipment such as arrows and bows, a dagger and his clothing, consisting of gilded Headdress, fur coat, trousers and boots.

The Khuiten Mountain can only be climbed by professional mountaineers between July and September. The first ascent took place in 1956. A special permit is required for the area. As a mountaineer, you shouldn’t go on tours in this region without guides and special equipment. It is best to contact a specialized tour operator. If you want to explore the area, you should plan at least a week.

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