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State Naadam Festival is one of the biggest attractions for tourist in Mongolia. There are thousands of tourists come to Mongolia only to see a Naadam festival, specially the State Naadam Festival. With this tour we are purposed to provide the guests with a lower budget tour.


Day 1. Arrival day.

Transfer to the hotel and rest a few hours. Get ready for the city tour: Including Sukhbaatar Square, National Historical Museum, Gandan Monastery. Bogd Khans Winter Palace Museum. Traditional Folk Concert in the evening. Overnight in Hotel/

Day 2. First day of the Naadam.

This is the first day of the State Naadam festival. We go to the central stadium at 9 am and the Opening Ceremony is at 11am. There is Mongolian National Wrestling after the opening concert. Other competitions such as archery, ankle bone shooting  happen out of stadium.  It is impossible to imagine the naadam without huushuur, there are many gers for huushuur  around the stadium, we’ll choose one of them to taste.

Day 3. Second Day of the Naadam. Elsen Tasarkhai.

Today we will go straight to the Hui Doloon Hudag / Horse Race Finish line/ early in the morning, because it’s about 30km away from  Ulaanbaatar and everyone is heading to horse race, which may can occur a traffic jam. At 11am we’ll see the Finish of Ikh Nas /over 5 years old horses/ race. After saw the horse race we have a lunch and move to our next destination Elsen Tasarkhai, here we’ll  have a camp called Bayan-Gobi.  Overnight in camp

Day 4. Kharkhorin

After breakfast we’ll see the Temple of Erdem Khamba  and go to the sand dunes to ride a horse or camel. And then we’ll drive to Kharkhorin, it takes about 1-2 hours from here. In Kharkhorin, we’ll see the Erdene-Zuu Monastery and other attractions around here. After the monastery we go to our camp to have a lunch. Overnight in camp.

Day 5. Hustai National Park.

Travel to Hustai National Park to see a wild horse. There is nice tourist camp at the gate and we’ll place here. Just before the sun goes down we enter the National park to see a wild horses, it usually comes down for the water in the evening. Overnight in camp

Day 6. UB

Go back to Ulaanbaatar. When we arrive in UB we’ll visit the places such as Choijin Lama Temple Museum, Zaisan Hill Memorial Statue and then go for shopping to buy some souvenirs and cashmere.  Overnight in hotel.

Day 7.Departure


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