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Shaman Tour in Northern Mongolia. 

Mongolia is the biggest home for the shamans in the world. The shaman was the main religion for Mongolians in the history. Now it is getting spread through  Mongolia again. If you want to learn about shaman and shamanism, this trip will be your best choice. You are able to meet a real Mongolian shaman and communicate with most ancient souls. Generally, Mongolians ask for an advice and better future for them and sometimes they want to be healed by a shaman. There are many shamans in different parts of Mongolia, but the biggest part is Darkhad Valley in Khovsgol Province. There are 3 soums to Darkhad people, Bayanzurkh, Renchinlhumbe and Ulaan-Uul. On this trip we will visit Bayanzurkh. By the way, you can experience riding a Mongolian horse and enjoy the beauty of Khoridol Saridag SPA and Darkhad Valley. At the end of the trip you can rest at the ger camp in Khovsgol Lake shore.

Day 1. Arrival day.

Transfer to hotel. City tour in the afternoon. Prepare for next days. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2. UB-Moron/flight/- Bayanzurkh.

Drive to Bayazurkh soum to visit family of Darkhad Shaman. Here we can meet and communicate with real Darkhad shaman. Overnight in tent.

Day 3. Renchinlhumbe.

Passing by Ulaan-Uul village and approach to Taiga region of Renchinlhumbe soum. Camping nearby the Taiga and overnight in tent.

Day 4-7. Visiting Shaman in Taiga

Between these days, we will visit Tsaatan tribes who are the only people that herds Reindeer in Mongolia. This is one of the few places that keeps shaman heritage as its ethnic way. We’ll ride a horseback  along the trip, but all the luggage also would be carried by a horse. Coming down from the mountain to see our vehicles in day 7. Overnights in a tent.

Day 8. Khoridol Saridag Mountain Range.

Move to Tsagaan Nuur and Renhcinlhumbe soon and go on to the Khoridol Saridag Mountain. Overnight in tent.

Day 9. Khoridol Saridag Mountain Range.

Travel in Khoridol Saridag Strictly Protected Area and reach Khovsgol Lake shore. Stay at the camp.

Day 10. Khovsgol lake/rest day/.

Today we’ll stay at the camp all day and rest. You can manage your day as you wish. Here are the ideas of things to do: horse riding, jet boat, hiking, visiting nomads family, swimming and tasting traditional foods and other activities are available for your interest. Overnight at camp.

Day 11. Moron-Ulaanbaatar/flight/.

Drive to Moron in the morning and fly back to Ulaanbaatar after having lunch. Go for shopping to buy some cashmere and souvenirs. Mongolian cashmere products are getting very famous in the world market with its best quality and price. Overnight in hotel.

Day 12. Terelj National Park.

Travel to Terelj National Park and visit the Great Statue of Chinggis Khaan in the afternoon. Drive back to the hotel in the evening. In the evening we’ll see a Traditional Cultural Show and the dinner at the restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 13. Departure day. 

Transfer to airport.


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