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The Eastern Mongolia Tour is a historical tour for whom wants to learn about Chinggis Khan more. On this trip we’ll explore the historical places that belong to the Great Khan. Basically Khentii province is the birthplace of Chinggis Khan. There are many memorial places related to 13th century Mongolia. With this trip, you are able to  discover East Mongolia and its legendary histories.



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Day 1. Arrival Day

Transfer to hotelCity tour in the afternoon, including: Chinggis square, National Historical Museum, Gandan Monastery, Zaisan hill and Traditional Cultual Show. Dinner at restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2. Chinggis Khan Great Statue  – Khar Zurkhnii Khokh Lake

Today we travel to Eastern Mongolia, the birthplace of Chinggis Khan in Khentii province. We start our trip from Khar Zurkhnii Khokh lake/ Blue Lake of Black Heart / and will see the Chinggis Khaans Great Statue on the way. According to the historic source “Secret History of the Mongols”, when Temujin/Chinggis Khan/ childhood life spent near this lake with his mother and brothers. When he was 27, here Temujin /Chinggis Khaan’s childhood name/ was given the title, “Chinggis Khaan”, and was invested as a “The Great Khaan of all Mongolia”. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 3. Baldan Bereevin Monastery

Travel to Baldan Bereevin Monastery. The monastery was established in 1777 on the hill of the Monkh-Olziyt mountain. It was the biggest religions Centre of Mongolian east region, famous as “ Ar Khalkhiyn Tsagaan Utai Gumben”, with 8000 lamas and their 4 provinces and numerous temples. The monastery Complex destroyed by the communist regime during 1937s and reconstructed  since 1990s. Overnight in tent.

Day 4. Binder

Today we drive to beautiful Binder soum of Khentii province. The Binder’s well known about its fascinating natural scenes and historical sites, the landscape is mostly covered with giant pine and larch trees and the beautiful Onon river runs across. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 5. Dadal-Chinggis Khaans Birthplace

Travel to Dadal soum area to see the real birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, the place named Deluun Boldog. It is said in the “ Secret History of  the Mongols” Chinggis Khaan was born in a place called Deluun Boldog that located in Dadal soum. The historic site studied by Mongolian historians as O.Jamyan, Kh.Perlee and Ts.Dorjsuren and they confirmed the Chinggis Khaans birthplace as Deluun Boldog, the junction of Onon and Balj rivers. There are many historic sites related to Chinggis Khaans’s life. Overnight in tent.

Day 6. Dadal

Today we’ll stay in Dadal and visit more historic sites to study about Chinggis Khaan. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 7. Chinggis City

Travel to Chinggis city. It was previously known as UndurKhaan/Supreme Khaan/ before and changed to Chinggis in 2013. Here we can learn about the Khentii province and its history in the Museum of Khentii Province. Overnight camp/tent.

Day 8. Khuduu aral

Today we travel to another very important historical site called Khuduu Aral. The legendary land of Chinggis Khaan located in 35 km southwest from the Tsenkheriyn Gol riverMongolian Great khans as Chinggis, Ogodei, Monkh, Esuntomor were reigned as a khan in this land. And the great historic story “Secret history of the Mongols” was written here. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 9. 13th century Complex – Terelj National Park

Travel to 13th Century Complex and Terelj National Park. The 13th Century Complex presents the historic condition of 13th Century’s nomadic life. The complex consisted of 6 camps as King Palace, Watch guardian camp, Horse relay station, artistic camp, education camp and shamans camp. Tourists can pray for white and black spirits of Mongol Empire and introduce Mongolian fine arts, nomadic customs and shamanic rituals of  13th  Century livelihood. This is the one of protected landscape of The Khan Khentii Mountian  and preserved in 1994 by the state.

In the afternoon, we drive to another beautiful National Park called Gorkhi Terelj National Park, one of the touristic and nearest destination from Ulaanbaatar. Here we will see some incredible natural creations like the giant Turtle Rock, 100 monks cave, camel rock, lion rock, three friends cave and the wonderful Ariyabal monastery. The National Park has a surrounding with beautiful mountains with gigantic rocks and trees. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 10. Ulaanbaatar

Today we have a short drive to Ulaanbaatar from Terelj National Park. Arriving in the afternoon and go for shopping to buy some cashmere and souvenirs. Mongolian cashmere products are getting very famous in the world market with its best quality and price. Traditional Cultural Show before dinner. Overnight in hotel.

 Day 11. Departure

Transfer to airport.



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