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The Altai Tavan Bogd National Park  one of the biggest and unspoiled remote destinations of Mongolia. Which is famous about its snow capped high mountains, glacier, wildlife, fauna, white river and prehistoric sites. The highest peak of Mongolia the Khuiten /4374 meters/ of Tavan Bogd mountain is in this national park. It is prohibited to enter with vehicles and only horse trekking or hiking is allowed. The National park has very beautiful natural scenes. It has an extreme weather condition caused by high altitude, sometimes snow storm may happen even in mid summer.



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Day 1. Arrival day.

Transfer to hotelCity tour in the afternoon, including: Chinggis square, National Historical Museum, Gandan Monastery, Zaisan hill and Traditional Cultural Show. Dinner at restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2. Khovd City/flight/- Tsambagarav Mountain.

After eating a breakfast early in the morning, we have a flight  to Khovd city. Our drivers will be waiting for us at the airport. Then, we drive to our campsite near Tsambagarav mountain. During the dinner our local musical team will come to entertain their little  folk concert, including khuumii/ overtone singing or throat singing/. Overnight in tent.

Day 3. Ulgii City – Ulaan Khus.

Today we travel to Ulaankhus soum of Bayan-Ulgii province passing through Ulgiy city. This place is famous for its eagle hunters. The landscape is mountainous. Overnight in tent.

Day 4. Khar Yamaat – Oygor Gate for Altay Tavan Bogd National Park.

 Travel to the next campsite near by the Gate for Altay Tavan Bogd National Park. Also, we are able to see some historical sites like inscription rock and men stones which belongs to 4-6th century and enjoy its wildlife. Overnight in tent.

Day 5-10. Horse trekking in the Altay Tavan Bogd National Park.

Along the trip we’ll climb one of the peaks named Malchin peak, and able to see endangered wild fauna such as argali sheep, ibex, snow leopard, elk, moose and brown bear. Also, some rare and medical plants and flowers like vansemberuu and juniper can be seen. With a Mongolian horse that small but tough and strong you will overcome any obstacles you faced. The Natural scenes of the National Parks are so marvelous and untouched, you will enjoy the view of the peaks of National Park and the holly Shiveet Khairkhan mountain and such a magical white river. In Khar Salaa/Blach Mouth/ you can find many inscription rocks. The last day of  horse trekking would be ended in Khoton Lake.

Day 11. Khoton lake – Khurgan Lake – Sagsay.

Today we finish our horse trekking and have to say goodbye to our horse guides and meet our cars and drivers in Khurgan lake. After lunch on a picnic we go on to another village named Sagsay. Which has the most eagle hunters of Bayan-Ulgii province and celebrates its Eagle Festival annually. Here we’ll visit one of the eagle hunters family and meet their nomadic life. Overnight in tent. Distance

Day 12. Ulgiy City – Ulaanbaatar/flight/

Drive to the airport in Ulgiy and also have to leave our drivers here. Flight to Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the evening and have a dinner at a restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 13. Departure. Transfer to Airport.

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