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Gobi &Central Mongolia –Local Naadam Tour

The Naadam is the biggest national holiday for all Mongolians. It is celebrated every 11th of July and continues for 3 days. Each province and village also celebrates their local naadams. Which means there are hundreds of naadams are celebrated across Mongolia. Sometimes, clients they prefer to see small but more traditional local naadams, to avoid the traffic and crowd. Because the State Naadam in Ulaanbaatar is too much crowded and wastes time. With this tour we supposed to provide the guests with maximum convenience. Accommodations in this tour is the best selected tourist camps and hotels in Mongolia. Also, you’ll be served by comfortable tour vehicles such as Lexus or Land Cruiser 200 series.


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Day 1. Arrival day

Pick up from the airport in the morning. City tour in the afternoon.

Including: Zaisan Hill Memorial Statue, Sukhbaatar Square, and  the monasteries such as Gandan Monastery, Dashchoilin/see a Tsam Dance/ and Choijin Lama and the musuems of  National Historical Musem, Bogd Khan Winter Palace museum Overnight in Blue Sky Hotel. /L.D/

Day 2. Gorkhi Terelj National Park

Today we travel to Gorkhi Terelj National Park and Tsonjin Boldog  to see  Ariyabal monastery , Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex and Tonyukuk Stelle. Overnight in ”Terelj Mountain Lodge” camp. /B.L.D/

Day 3. ElsenTasarkhai Sand Dunes

Early in the morning we start out tour to the south. After the breakfast we move to Hustai National Park to see a wild horses and then  proceed to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes. Here we will visit Erdene -Khamba monastery and to visit horse breeder’s family and drink some airag. Overnight in “Khoyor Zagal” ger camp. /B.L.D/

Day 4. Orkhon Waterfall-Hujirt Soum

Camel Riding before breakfast  and drive to Orkhon Waterfall and proceed to Khujirt  and visit another nomads family on the way. Overnight in Talbiun Ger Camp./B.L.D/

Day 5. Kharkhorin

After breakfast we will go the opening ceremony of Naadam of Khujirt  Soum and will enjoy the Naadam until late afternoon. During the naadam we’re able to meet and talk to Mongolian Traditional Archers and little boys of Race horse. In the late afternoon we’ll move to Kharkhorin and will see Shankhiin Khiid monastery on the way. Overnight  in Dreamland Resort.  /B.L.D/

Day 6. Kharkhorin

After breakfast at the camp first we’ll go  the Erdene-Zuu Monastery and their morning ceremony to take pictures.  After enjoying Erdene-Zuu we’ll go to  Naadam centre of Kharkhorin to enjoy another naadam. In the afternoon we’ll go to see the historical and memorial sights around Kharkhorin city such as , Penis rock, Stone Turtles and Memorial Site of 3 Great Empires of Mongolia. Overnight in “Dreamland” Resort. /B.L.D/

Day 7. Ongi Monastery

Today we’ll have a breakfast early in the morning because we’ll have long drive and  enter the gobi region. The road condition would be kind of hard and bumpy and it may take several hours. Overnight in “Secret of Ongi” Resort. /B.L.D/

Day 8. Flaming Cliff

After breakfast we’ll visit Ongi Monastery. Drive to Bayanzag /Flaming Cliff/. Here we can see beautiful sunset in the Gobi.  Overnight in Gobi Tour Camp. /B.L.D/

Day 9. Khongoryin Sand Dunes

.After breakfast drive to Khongoryin  Sand Dunes. When we arrive at the camp in the afternoon we’ll hike the Singing Dunes. Overnight in Gobi-Erdene camp. /B.L.D/

Day 10. Three Camel Lodge

After breakfast we’ll visit camel breeding family and ride a camel around the dunes for an hour. Then, drive to Three Camel Lodge. Here we can relax and able to enjoy Mongolian Gobi in peace. Overnight n Three Camel Lodge. /B.L.D/

Day 11. Yolyin am/ Vulture Valley/- Dalanzadgad city

After breakfast, we drive to Yolyin am /Vulture Valley/. We can get brief information about “Gobi Three Beauties” National Park from the small museum at the entrance. We will walk through the canyon and able take pictures of endangered animals such as Lammergeier  and ibex  and the beautiful creatures of the nature. Overnight in Khan-Uul Hotel. /B.L.D/

Day 12. White Stupa-Baga Gazryin Chuluu

Drive to Tsagaan Suvarga/White Stupa/. After lunch on picnic in Tsagaan Suvarga, we continue driving to Baga Gazryin Chuluu. Overnight in Erdene-Ukhaa Ger camp/B.L.D/

Day 13. Manzushir Monastery-Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast at the camp, move to visit Manzushir Monastery and proceed to Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon. When arrive in Ulaabaatar in the afternoon we’ll visit. Gobi Cashmere Factory Shop and State Department Store to buy some gifts and souvenirs. After Traditional Concert in the Drama Theatre we’ll have dinner at the barbeque restaurant Overnight in Blue Sky Hotel. /B.L.D/

Day 14.

Departure day. Transfer to airport. /B/

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