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Nomadic Homestay tour will give you the only chance to visit real Mongolian nomads family and see its unique nomadic lifestyle cultures that descended from thousands of years ago and will be able take part in it. Along the nomadic homestay tour you’ll be experienced about, how do they survive their life from harsh weather and wild nature and grow their livestock and handle it. Through the destination you will travel beautiful “Ikh Mongol” mountain/Great Mongol Mountain/,”Batkhaan” mountain, “Elsen Tasarkhai” Sand Dunes and the Central Point of Mongolia/ Heart of Mongolia.


Day 1. Arrival Day

 Transfer to hotel. City tour in the afternoon, including: Sukhbaatar square, National Historical Museum, Gandan Monastery, Zaisan hill and Traditional Cultural Show. Dinner at restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2. UB – Hustai National Park-Ongot Memorial Site

After breakfast in the morning we move to the Hustai National Park, which is famous about its wildlife such as elk, marmot wolf, different types of birds and wild horse the Takhi /Prezhewalski Horse/ etc. Overnight in camp.

Day 3-12 Khustay National Park – Uvur Khushuut/Stay with Nomads family/

Today we will catch the way to meet our nomadic family. Also, we’ll see one of the biggest stone memorial place named Ungutiyn Dursgal and Batkhaan Mountain and continue driving in our nomadic family in Uvurkhushuut in Burd soum. Here you’ll find your new nomadic Mongolian family and live like one of them and recognize real nomadic lifestyle for next 10 days. Overnights in a ger.

Day 13. Uvur Khushuut – Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes – Kharkhorin

At the end of unforgettable 10 days our driver will come to pick you up, so we have to leave our heart warming family. Then we keep our journey to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes. Here you can ride a Mongolian Camel or a horse. In the afternoon we’ll  be reached the ancient Mongolian Capital Kharkhorum/Kharkhorin in modern language/ and see the Erdene-Zuu monastery the famous one from middle age. Overnight in camp.

Day 14. Kharkhorin – Ogiy Lake

Today we have a short drive to the Ogiy lake so you will have more time to rest and make your day. The lake is beautiful and famous about its fishery and water birds. Also you can relax to swim in this lake and possible to see the fascinating sunset on the water in the evening. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 15. Ogiy Lake – Tsogtiin Tsagaan Baishin/Khol asgat, Khar Buhiin Ruin/

It would be a more historical day today because we’ll see 2 big ruins that belongs to the 16th century. Which are Tsogtiyn Tsagaan Balgas/The ruin of Prince Tsogt/ and Khar Bukhiyn Balgas, which tells us very important history of middle age Mongolia. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 16. Tsogtiin Tsagaan Baishin/Ruin of Prince Tsogt House/ – UB

Breakfast in the morning and drive to Ulaanbaatar and would be reached afternoon. Go for shopping for some souvenir and cashmere. Dinner at restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 17. Departure

Transfer to airport.


  • Mare Ceremony
  • Foal Stamping
  • Felt making
  • Dembee the traditional game
  • Naadam Festival
  • Nomadic migration
  • Wool cutting
  • Catching horse
  • Horse training
  • Herding animals
  • Milk producing
  • Leather producing




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