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Buurug del

To get from the Uvs Lake into the dune area east of the lake, you drive from Ulaangom eastwards to Zuungobi, where you can take the opportunity and refuel again. You leave the village in a northeasterly direction and after about ten kilometers you reach Bayan Lake, which is surrounded by dunes and lies at an altitude of 1113 meters (note there is another Bayan Lake in DsawKhan-Aimag). It is a beautiful photo motif. The Buurug Deliyn Els dunes are the northernmost sand area in Mongolia, hardly developed for tourism and very sparsely populated. The chain is about 180 kilometers long and therefore larger than the famous sand dune Khongoryn Els in the Gobi Desert. The region offers a varied mix of salt lakes, sand dune areas, gravel deserts and mountains. However, due to the sandy slopes, it is hardly passable. Here you can camp wonderfully, but you must have enough water and food with you because there is no way to buy something on site.

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