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Kharkhorum museum is named after the ancient capital city of Great Mongolian Empire. The museum shows the findings from Orkhon River valley and ruin of Kharkhorum city. The museum has three showrooms that exhibits the findings belong to Stone Age, Ancient Empires of Mongolia and Great Mongolian Empire. If you are interested in Chinggis Khan and his children states, you are able to see many things and history here. For example: silver coins of Chinggis, Ugudei, Guyug khans, Khubilai kings Gerege for Marco Polo, pieces of buddist gods and monasteries of Kharkhorum city, clay pots, light statues with Arabic script, stirrup and saddle of soldiers of Khubilai khan and arrowheads etc. Also, they presented an exhibition with the findings from the tomb of “Shoroon Bumbagar” in Bayan Lake soum, Bulgan Province in 2015. Over 410 findings and 40 wall paintings were found and they presented only 210 findings and 11 wall paintings.

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