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With this short tour, you can explore some historical sites and a National Park in Central Mongolia. Including, Hustai National Park, Elsen-Tasarkhai Sand Dunes, Kharkhorin and Ogiy Lake etc. Which is one of the best selected short tour in Mongolia.

Day 1. UB – Hustai National Park

Hustai National Park. After breakfast in the morning we move to the Hustai National Park, which is famous about its wildlife such as elk, marmot wolf, different types of birds and wild horse the Takhi /Prezhewalski Horse/ etc. Overnight in camp.

Day 2. Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes

Travel to Elsen-Tasarkhai Sand Dunes. The Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes are located in front of Khogno Khan mountain in Rashaant soum of Bulgan province and continues for more than 80 km and it’s 210km from the Khustai National Park.  Otherwise, it’s called Mongol Els or Khogno Tarnii Els/els means sand/. Here you can ride a horse and camel. Hiking in the sand dunes is recommended. Another attraction Erdem Khamba Buddhist  monastery is located in the north side of the sand dunes. Overnight in camp.

Day 3. Kharkhorum – Ogiy Lake

Move on to ancient Mongolian Capital called Kharkhorum/Kharkhorin in modern language/ and see the Erdene-Zuu monastery the famous one from middle age.

In the afternoon we travel to Ogiy lake of Arkhangay province. The lake is beautiful and famous about its fishery and water birds. Also you can relax to swim in this lake and possible to see the fascinating sunset on the water in the evening. Overnight in tourist camp

Day 4. Bayannuur

It would be a more historical day today because we’ll see 2 big ruins that belongs to the 16th century which are Tsogtiyn Tsagaan Balgas/ ruin of the Palace of Prince Tsogt/ and Khar Bukhiyn Balgas, which tell us very important history of middle age of Mongolia. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 5. Back to Ulaanbaatar


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