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South of Lake Uws, 90 kilometers southeast of Ulaangom, lies the 1407 square kilometer Khyargas Lake (Khyargas Lake) with its rocky bank in the Uws Valley at an altitude of 1030 meters above sea level. The salt lake is 16 kilometers long, nine kilometers wide and nine meters deep. It stretches in the midst of desert steppe, which dominates here despite the DsawKhan River due to the low rainfall. Lake Khyargas is the fourth largest lake in Mongolia and an ideal place to relax, walk, fish or swim for a few days after a long overland trip. The eastern bank is flat, a bit muddy and covered with reeds, the other banks offer sand, gravel and rocks. The north bank is best suited for swimming. There is also a small spring here, on the edges of which some green sprout. Sometimes you can find a very good surface here to pitch your tent. In the distance you can see the Turgen mountain range, which marks the beginning of the Altai Mountains. The region around the lake has extreme ranges between the highest temperatures in summer and the lowest temperatures in winter. The water is quite pleasant in summer with mostly 21 degrees. The small Airag Lake (Airaq Lake) to the south is connected to the Khyargas Lake by a ten kilometer long canal. If you have a boat with you, you can paddle the distance in about four hours. For the tour through the desert steppe you start on the northern west bank of the lake. Many cormorants can be seen along the way. The lake has been losing more and more water for several years. The reason is the construction of a hydropower plant. Despite the WWF’s advice that the ecosystem is being damaged, the facility still exists.

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