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Ogiy lake is 7 km long, 5 km wide 15 meters deep and covers 25 km square, 1337 meters above sea level and located in Ogiy Lake soum of Arkhangai province and it is 72 km from Kharkhorin . It is fed by the river Old Orkhon and the only river Khoiloi comes out and flows to Orkhon river.  Ogiy lake freezes between November to May. There fish species such as pike, perch, linok,  burbet, live in this lake. Also, there are over 150 species of birds are gathered in the summertime, which attracts  the photographers and bird watchers a lot. Around the lake shore, there are several tourist camps Khatan Ogiy and Sky Land etc.  It is possible to rent a boat and fish on the lake, basic fishery is pike, perch and burbet. More than 1 meter of pike is possibly caught

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