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The South Gobi tour is a short tour for whom wants to explore and experience the Mongolian Gobi Desert in short time. Otherwise, it takes more than 10 days to fully discover it. But, you almost can explore the main destinations of the South Gobi with this gobi tour. 2 way air ticket included in the fare.

Day 1. Dalanzadgad City/flight/ –  Vulture Valley

Fly to Dalanzadgad City of  Umnugobi province to see the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan/Gobi Three Beauties/ National park. Which is one of the biggest scale of Nationals Parks in Mongolia and its famous about its endangered  wildlife such as bearded vulture /lammergier/, snow leopard, black ibex and bighorn sheep etc. You are able to see these animals in one place. Also you will enjoy the cool wind from the glacier in the canyon. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 2. Khongoriyn Sand Dunes

As the sun rises, we start our trip to Khongoriyn Sand Dunes the biggest sand dune of Mongolia. The paved road will over and the dirt-road will begin from here and you will recognize how  Mongolian Gobi is big and wide and emptiness. The road is hard, but our 4wd Cruisers will overcome it easily. Overnight in ger.

Day 3. Khongoriyn Sand Dunes

You can make your day to challenge yourself with climbing the Singing Dune /Duut Mankhan/ of Khongoriyn Sand dunes. At the top of the dunes you can find peace and hear the voice of singing sand in the wind, and would be a suitable place to meditate. Overnight in camp.

Day 4. Bayanzag-Flaming Cliff

We’ll go to see a dinosaur signs in Bayanzag /The Flaming Cliff/, the first dinosaur eggs were found here by Roy Chapman Andrews the paleontologist from USA in 1924. Also, you are possible to see the enchanting sunset in the Gobi and could capture great photos. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 5. Dalanzadgad City

Drive to another tourist camp near Dalanzadgad City for about 3 hours. Overnight in ger camp.

Day 6. Flight back to Ulaanbaatar



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