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Taiga or Ulaan Taiga is the high mountain ranges that 3059 meters above sea level with thick wooded forest and steep rocks and continues untill the northern border of Mongolia in Ulaan-Mountain soum. Sub mountains of Ulaan Taiga are Lama Taiga 2659m, Boshgot Taiga 3009m. Deed Taiga 3222m and Ivtei taiga 2750m.  Bigger rivers such as Delgermoron, Huh Gol, Mungarag starts from these mountains. Ulaan Taiga is divided into Deed /Upper/ Taiga and  Dood /Lower/ Taiga. Larch and Cedar trees grow in Ulaan Taiga mainly. Rare animals such as Moose-elk, wild reindeer, otter and marten live here.

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