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It is located on the bank of river Tamir in Ikh-Tamir soum of Arkhangai province and 22 km from Tsetserleg city. It is 16 meters high granite cliff. It is considered that it was made by the water of river Tamir in the result for a millions of years. There are over 150 inscriptions of the nations such as Turcik, Chinese, Mongolian, Manchurian, Tibet, Uigur, which relates to 7th – 8th Century on Taikhar stone wall and some of them almost disappearing. About 70 inscriptions are written on Mongolian script,  some  are the names such as Huukhai Dayu the prince of Oirad and Tsogt the prince of Khalkh. Most of the inscriptions are people telling their names, title and belongings. Nowadays people are still writing their names, which becomes a reason for disappearing the history.

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