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Terkhiyn Tsagaan Lake

To the west of Lake Khovsgol, from the Khoridol Saridag mountain range to the Russian border, there is a mountain area that is very difficult to access. The Tsaatan, the last reindeer nomads, live with and from their animals in this region. Other ethnic groups resident there are the Khalkh Mongols, Buryats, Urianchai and Darkhad. Shamanism is most widespread in the area. The administrative center is the small town of ZagaanLake. The Darkhad Basin, a depression with a lot of trees and lakes, stretches across the area from north to south. 200 of the 300 lakes of the Khovsgol-Aimag are located here, which is very rich in water compared to the rest of Mongolia. Especially in summer it rains a lot, which is why it is teeming with mosquitos.

A slope leads from Murun via the villages of Bajandsurch and Ulan Mountain into the Darchad basin to Rentschinlchumbe (Renchinlkhumbe). Log houses dominate the place instead of the usual yurts. Siberia is not far, you can see that in the architecture. In order to put the economically poor region on a new footing, efforts are being made to make it attractive for tourism. For some time now, tours to the extremely remote reindeer nomads, the Tsaatan, have been offered. TV and photo reports that are shown in many countries should arouse the corresponding longings. You should think carefully about whether you want to be part of this sensational tourism.

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