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Turgen Kharkhiraa

A glacier region with the possibility of hiking and mountaineering lies southwest of Ulaangom. Easily accessible is a 3000 meter high plateau, which lies between the two mighty and highest mountains of Uvs Aimag, the 4037 meter high Kharkhiraa Mountain and the opposite, 3965 meter high Turgen Mountain. In summer, the nomadic animals of the Hoton, Durvud and Bayad tribes graze here. The 220 square kilometer Turgen Mountain nature reserve, which was founded in 1993, is part of a 14,000 square kilometer UNESCO snow-covered mountain in Mongolia. Their meltwater and the biosphere reserve that arises in the mountains. A fifth of the sources of several rivers supply the Uvs Lake salt lake with water. The area is home to many endangered and rare animal species such as snow leopard, ibex, Argali sheep and lynx. Coming from Ulaangom, we first head south towards Khowd. After about half an hour’s drive, turn west and orient yourself towards the small town of Tarialan, where you can refuel again. The journey continues about ten kilometers to the west. Popular destinations for mountaineers are the glaciated Kharkhiraa and the Turgen. Everywhere you can see waterfalls that are worth a hike, but the area is notorious for rapid weather Khanges and you need to be in good condition. Without a mountain guide, you should definitely not venture into the region of the Turgen and Kharkhiraa. The area at the foot of the two mountains is also worth a hike.

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