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Uushgiin Uvur

At the Uushigiyn Uver archaeological site, you can see what are probably the most intact deer stones from the Bronze Age that have been found in Mongolia to this day. 14 pieces are here and they are a must for anyone interested in archaeology. The site is about one kilometer north of the Delger River and 20 kilometers west of Murun. On the way to Lake Khovsgol you should make this little detour. A team of Japanese and Russian archaeologists contributed significantly to the excavations. There is only one stone with a human face, a female face, all others have animals, for example deer, and objects such as bows and arrows carved into them. The stones are gray on the outside and the white rock engravings stand out very well. It is believed that these are Scythian tombstones and that they are more than 2000 years old. In addition, you can see some flat stones, the meaning of which is unclear. A roughly half a meter high and almost two meters long rectangular stone probably served as an altar for sacrifice, called Khirgisuur. Entry costs 1000 MNT and the information boards are labeled in English.

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