Accomodation In Mongolia

You are able to stay in 3 to 5 stars of hotels or guest houses which shares  one kitchen and one restroom for a number of rooms.

Best Hotels In Ulaanbaatar:

  • Best Western “Tuushin’ Hotel
  • Shangrilla Hotel
  • Kempinski Hotel
  • Ramada Hotel
  • Bayangol Hotel
  • Chinggis Hotel
  • Continental Hotel
  • Corporate Hotel
  • J hotel
  • Flower hotel
  • Khovsgol Hotel
  • Blue Sky Hotel
  • Soyol Hotel
  • Puma Imperial Hotel

Guest house is the 4-10 rooms of apartment that decorated for only foreign tourist, which is recommended for budget tour travelers. Hotels in Ulaanbaatar are mostly clean and with room services.  If you are going out of the city, it is recommended to stay in ger camps or build a tent in the nature. If you are looking for cheaper rooms, it’s better to book hotel rooms online. Also, you can make a reservation through your travel agent or tour operator.

Ger camps: Ger camps are the most suitable and comfortable accommodation for travelers on tour, also tour operators usually recommends. Most of the Ger camps are located nearby the natural sights or around it. The Gers are specially decorated for tourists, so most tourist love to stay in gers.  Each ger has 2 to 4 beds and other furniture. Showers and restrooms for ladies and gentlemen in  separate rooms.

The restaurants are usually in one big ger or a house which usually has a capacity to serve 40-100 people at once. The camps have the services such as bar, laundry, sauna, shower, massage, little folk concert and horse or camel riding, etc. Stuffs of the camps are very polite and helpful, you can just feel free to ask for a help or advice. The high season of tourism in Mongolia is July, during this period camps are mostly full, so it’s better to book a ger before you arrive.

Tenting  in Nature

It is almost possible to build a tent everywhere unless it’s private property or prohibited area. But in the National Parks there are appointed zones for tenting. When you are tenting in the remote nature, you should remember these cautions:

  • Keep away from the roads/ cars may out of the road at night/
  • Avoid from the places may flood in the rain.
  • Keep campsite clean and do not litter
  • Do not urinate in the rivers or close to it.
  • Ask owners or family when tenting near by the tourist camps or nomads family.