Eagle Hunters Festival in Sagsay soum of Bayn-Ulgii province.

The Eagle Hunters festival is the only holiday that represents  Khazak people and their tradition. The Khazak people are the only nation that survived Eagle Hunting method in the world. This festival happens in Bugat and Sagsay Villages of Bayan-Ulgii Province in the  first week of October in every autumn. There is no way to imagine Khazakh people without Eagles. There are more than 600 Eagle hunters  are known in Bayn-Ulgii province. It is said that “They love their eagles more than their children”, like horse herders care their race horses. There are the eagles called “Kiran”. Which are well known  about its  courage and it is very famous in that place, like a legend. So, they celebrate this festival meaningfully and a lots of domestic and foreigners  come to enjoy it.

  • Catching wild hares competition. Highly trained Eagles will compete to catch small animals like wild hares and foxes.
  • Best equipped Horse and Eagle reward
  • Kukbar/ Horseback riding fight for the animal skin/
  • Kiiz Kuar /Chasing Lady/: Traditional Game of Kazakh people that horse Riding lady chases after the horse riding man and hits him with her whip.
  • Grabbing Coin. Grabs a coin on the ground from the running horseback.
  • Traditional Archery
  • The best Traditional Kazakh Dressing and the best Dressed Couples.
  • Foal and camel race etc.