What is Tsagaan Sar ?

Tsagaan Sar is the biggest National Holiday that inherited from the generations of our ancestors. In the history it  was ordered by  Chinggis khan to celebrate it when the first grass comes in the first month of spring, while  he had formed Great Mongolian Empire in 1206.

It was used to called Tsagaan Ideenii Bayar/White Meals Holiaday/ before and had been celebrating in autumn. The main aim for this holiday is meeting their unknown relatives and to respect their elders. So, people must visit their relatives during this holiday anyway, even they’re far away from each other.

Only in this Holiday you are able to see real Mongolian traditional customs and how they greet and respect their parents and relatives. Everyone wears a traditional dressing Deel which looks so nice. Also, every family dresses their dining table with only traditional meals including uuts/steamed sheep/, buuz and traditional drinking airag etc.

If you visit Mongolian family in Tsagaan Sar time, you will recognize them so happy and  hospitality. Tsagaan Sar usually happens between mid February and end of February. It doesn’t have a exact time because of lunar calendar. Basically, it is scheduled by Mongolian Religious Center Gandantegchilen.