Naadam Festival 

Naadam is the premium  symbol which  represents  the peace of  Mongolian people. This is the day  to proud of our great history, culture and traditions that created and inherited for the centuries. The secrets of victories, successes and developments of Mongolia belongs to Mongolian Naadam. Mongolians they had been celebrating this holiday since 13th  Century. The Naadam consist of main three games. These are Mongolian wrestling , horse racing and archery. There are another games also happen in the Naadam such as  ankle bone shooting. It also becomes the  biggest event for foreign tourists and number of tourists to see this festival is increasing every year. The holiday is been  held on 11th of Jully every year for 3 days. Naadam festival happens in every part of Mongolia for example : Soum/Village/ Naadam, Aimag/Province/ Naadam, Ulsiin/State/ Naadam, but on different times. Village naadams usually happen few days earlier or later than state and province naadams, something like 7th,8th of July or sometimes 14,15th of July. State Naadam is the biggest and happens at the stadium in  Ulan-Bator. Most of the high-titled wrestlers come to State Naadam  to gain higher title. Also the horses, all the best horses gather in State Naadam.  The ticket is 25USD  for tourists and cheaper for Mongolians.

  • Horse Racing is held in Hui Doloon Khudag, 40km from Ulaanbaatar
  • Remember to buy a ticket only from Mongolian Tourism Association or ticket offices of Commission of State Naadam or your tour operator can order it.
  • During the State Naadam traffic jams may occur, its better to plan your schedule as well as 1 hour earlier.