The Tsaatan Festival

The Tsaatan Festival/Reindeerer Festival/ was started organizing by Dalay Tour Tourist camp, for supporting Reindeer herders life and keeping their unique lifestyle in the future and spreading tradition of shamanic rituals and  growing number of reindeer. The Festival happens between July 6-July 7 annually.

The 11th  Tsaatan Festival is going to be organized on July 6th   2018. During the festival you are able to visit real native Reindeer Herders camp to see their lifestyle. Also you can participate in the activities such as Khovsgol lake around trip, fire night and shamanic ceremony etc. The local hand crafters exhibit their handmade products, you’ll find the best souvenirs here.

Day 1
  • Visit reindeer herders family
  • Mini Naadam
  • Rein Deer Polo
  • Trip around the lake
  • Shaman Ritual
  • Fireworks in the evening
Day 2
  • Cultural Concert
  • Jet Boating on the lake
  • Horse Race
  • Ending ceremony