Mongolians usually eat meat cuisines in the winter time. They don’t eat any food with meat in the lunch and breakfast and prefer to have tea, cookies and milk products. Basically, they eat dinner when free after gathering animals and other works are done. There’s almost difference between inside and outside in the cold winter, so they warm up with hot and nutritious foods then go to bed for better sleep. In the summertime they eat less meat cuisines. Otherwise, there is no way to keep meat as fresh also, it is not necessary to eat meat to warm up. So they mostly use milk products and drink airag and yogurt.

Meat Cuisines

There are 5  main livestocks in Mongolia and which are fed by more than 600 species of nutritious wild plants  of  pasture. Those plants can keep its useful elements when dried in the  autumn, so animals can recharge enough its energy along 4 seasons of the year. The meat becomes the source for the types of vitamin B and  PP which are soluble in the water. The meats in Mongolia contain much lower metal elements such as lead, arsenic and hydrargyrum compare to international standard, so it is considered as an ecological pure product. Mongolians slaughter their animals to prepare for the cold winter in the late autumn or winter time when the animals got fat enough, they call it preparing “idesh” in Mongolia.

The main food for Mongolians is meat and meat cuisines, there are more than 200 kinds of Mongolian food. There are more than 70 kinds of foods made by only stomach and other inside parts of the animal. Mongolians always prefer to use every part of the animal, including heart, liver, kidney, stomachs, blood, inside fat, etc. They use the ways of grilling, smoking, boiling and put in the hot ash to cook meat.

Mongolians entertain their most respecting clients with kinds of whole meat meals such as khorkhog,  boodog, whole sheep barbeque, boiled and grilled lamb etc.

Also, they use meat cooked soups, just add some flour noodles and other dressings on it and call it “shultei khool”. There are many kinds of  soups, such as soup with dumpling, soup with buuz, vegetable, soup with nettle, soup with ribs, noodle, soup with egg, soup with potato, soup with weed,  etc.


Mongolians usually use goat or marmot to  make “boodog”. The process is, slaughtering the goat in traditional way, then cut off the head and remove bones and other parts through its neck to prepare it like a bag, it’s called “Tulam”. Then taste  the Tulam with some salt, and other flavors, then add hot stones and meats and onions into it. Finally tie up the neck with horse tail or iron wires, then grill it on the open fire to burn the hair and cook it as well as golden yellow. Then wash  until it’s smooth and clean enough, then put it on the big jar to serve. The soup of boodog is so delicious and  holding a hot stone is good for frazzle.