Mongolians consider that strengthening their families and growing their children properly is the most important thing to be an independent state. That’s why Mongolian always try to educate their children by  their traditional customs to inherit to the next generations.

There is an old word saying: If someone unfollow  the custom, he will be guilty of sin and will be tortured.

Premium ancestors of Mongolia were used to know that as the social structure or government  changes bring bad habits of human beings appears and unpredictable, strange things get more common, so it’s very important to remember the traditional custom to avoid get embarrassed and keep the nation clear and overcome it.  So they always remind their children to  learn and follow Mongolian traditional customs and laws seriously.

These customs are inherited from Khunnu people  the ancient ancestor of Mongolian. In the political thought of Mongolia, it is defined that parents are responsible for children mature and government is responsible for their education. Mongolian Traditional Customs executes very important role to complete these two things.

Mongolians used to use unique ways which related to the nature and the environment and their customs to educate kids.