Nomadic Lifestyle

Nomadic Lifestyles of Mongolia

The Nomadic lifestyle is the basic way of living in Mongolia. Nomads lifestyles are different in each tribe of Mongolia. Mongolia is the only country which has a classic nomadic lifestyle, not like any other nomads all over the world who changes their position very often and earns instant incomes to supply their demands of living. It is very ecological  and belongs to the animals directly. They charge  their every consumption and useful goods from only animals. Nomads lifestyle is highly sophisticated ecological system that provides the most healthy relationship between human, animal and nature. Which  is the only civilization way to keep the nature as pristine and survive it for the future. If any of these three parts is missing, there is no way to live for nomads. The main organizer for the system relates to old traditions of Mongolians.

Mongolians consider that  parents and elder peoples of the family have a role to teach children and youngsters, then youngsters should follow the elders words with no refuses.

The secret of thousands of years of Nomadic lifestyle is generally based on studying their children by the old traditions of them as well.

Nomads have a labor management to keep the equivalent of animal species, resource of  pasture and water. A number of families live in a valley as a neighborhood, and live together as partners. Everyone shares the pastures and always care for the animals of each others. Sometimes, families cooperate to herd their animals week by week, especially on sheep herding. This management helps them to prove their ability and exchange experiences and saves time.