The Buman Tour Company is located in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. It was established by the family of Oyunbold and Ulamjargal  in 2009 to organize the types of adventure tours in Mongolia. First, we started our business with a horse trekking tour in the Khovsgol Lake National Park in Northern Mongolia with the group of Switzerlands. Since that time, we had been keep expanding our tour products every year, especially on adventure trekking tours such as hiking tour, off-road adventure tours, fishing tours and special tours as shaman tour with horse trekking. If you prefer to travel to the countries have unique old traditions and vast and pristine nature with eternal blue sky, Mongolia is a destination recommended. Only here, you are able to see one of the widest steppes in silence and  meet its unique people with nomadic lifestyle and feel their heart warming hospitality. Our highly experienced team will be happy to organize your tours in Mongolia.