Terms & Conditions

Tour Contract

When you make a reservation, please send us a request at contact@bumantourmongolia.com. Your tour contract would be confirmed by the agreements and signatures of both sides. As the contract is made, we are responsible for your tour and its arrangements, and you are responsible for the payment and required documents.


When you receive the tour reservation document, verify the confirmation of the contract as well. Your tour will be booked, according to the entire information of the reservation. We have a role to provide customers with the services that assigned in the tour reservation.

You are representing 2 or more customers and signing for them on the contract, you are responsible for the payments of all members in your group. We ought to provide your members by  information required. If you are under 18, and without any care takers or parents, you must contact with us through your parents or care takers.


The tour price is valid when tour reservation is confirmed and no more extra charge or payment will be added to the reservation payment.


When you book a tour, it is required at least 20% prepayment, 3-4 months before a tour. And It’s required a full payment in 1 month before a tour starts. / You are able to transfer through the bank. The detailed information of the bank will be sent before the invoice is claimed.

Special Requests

Please inform us, if you have any special requests which is not assigned in the program such as/ vegetarian food, changing the room, etc. We’ll try to organize it as well, but it’s not possible to promise. However, we receive any special requests, we’re not responsible for its result if it doesn’t work.

Changing Reservation

If you want to make a change in the reservation, we’ll try to help you as much as possible. You must send it to us by an e-mail officially. We’ll consider it as soon as possible and inform you. If it is possible, we can make a change in the reservation, if not, we’re not responsible for it. It is possible, if you want to stay in a ger alone along the tour, but it requires an extra charge.


The fines related to cancelation are estimated below. The cancelation should be informed in 7 days by e-mail.

  • Over 8 weeks – 15%
  • 1-8 weeks – 30%
  • Under 1 week -100% of the payment will not be refunded.

If you have any complaints during the tour, you must tell your tour guide immediately. Tour guides should inform the head-office and must introduce you about how the problem is solved by an e-mail officially. If the problem is not fully solved, please let us know by an e-mail or make a call. We’ll report the problem to the parties who are responsible.


We are responsible for the fulfilling our obligations under the agreements and the tour program. Any damages or failure occurs caused by the tour operators irresponsible arrangements, we will be liable for any damages except as follows:

  1. If the problem is due to someone’s negligence, unpredictable, because of someone who does not belong to that tour, and unavoidable items for travel team and tour operator.
  2. If the problem is caused by yourself or your travel partners. Also, we are not responsible for service performance; traffic accident; injury; death; damages or loss and sudden and force majeure, including: riots; government limitation, natural catastrophe; wildfire, disease and the state of emergency, etc.

It is required to be insured by the complete travel insurance that includes personal damage or loss, medical and emergency transportation costs, luggage loss and costs related to tour cancelation, etc.

If you are injured or hurt during the tour, you are responsible for the hospital costs, doctors payment and international transportation costs and the tour payment won’t be refunded.