Land Cruiser.

Toyoto land Cruiser is one of the best selected off-road vehicles in Mongolia. Land Cruiser has a capacity for 4 passengers, including a driver and spacious trunk. Spends 15-20L fuel on off-road. It has a powerful diesel or petrol engine and 4wd with differential locker, suitable for extreme off-road tours or overland adventure tours.

Mitsubishi Delica van.

The Delica is  4wd off-road type micro van of Japan. Which has 8 comfortable passenger  seats including driver and smaller trunk. But it has a spacious rack for baggage on top. The Delica is suitable for smaller groups of tourists who like adventure tours with medium type off-road roads. Spends 14-16L fuel on off-road. Suitable for traveling in the gobi region or other dirt roads.

Hyundai Starex van.

Starex has capacity for 8 passengers and smaller diesel engines. It’s much more comfortable and more stable on the highways compare to Delica. And it’s more fuel efficient. Suitable to drive on mostly paved roads and will be a good choice for easy touring. Spends 12-15L fuel on paved road.

UAZ-452 or Purgon van

Purgon is a Russian van that made for military use and has a capacity of 8 passengers, including a driver and medium trunk, so it’s very tough and one of the experts for the Mongolian road condition. It is one of the best off-road vehicles ever known in Mongolia, even it is not comfortable it will take you to the any places you wanted. The only thing is, it has no air conditioner, so passengers have to open the window all time. Spends 15-18L petrol on off-road. Specially suitable for dirt road or extreme off-road tours.

Hyundai County.

County is a mini bus with 14-24 seats. Recommended for easy tours on paved road, for example the destinations near by Ulaanbaatar such as Terelj, Khustay National Park, Elsen Tasarkhai and Kharkhorin /to the places with a paved road/. Also suitable for city tours for bigger groups.

Aerocity bus.

Aerocity is coach a with 45 seats. Suitable for bigger groups of tourists. Only  on paved road destinations are available with this vehicle.