Yoliyn Am /Vulture Valley SPA

The Yoliin Am or Vulture is in Zuunsaikhan mountain in Umnugobi Province, which was strictly protected by the government in 1965, and later in 1993 expanded to the west to Khongoriyn Els Sand Dunes, Nemegt, Khermen Tsav, Zulganain Gol, continues for 180 km and covers 2694307 km square landscape and signed as Gobi Gurvan Saikhan/Gobi Three Beauties/ National park. The Vulture valley is the narrow canyon made by a small creek, it’s 45 km from the Dalanzadgad city and about 2800 meters elevated from the sea level. The canyon is filled with ice in the winter and disappears in mid august. It is up to 200 meters high, so some ice remains more than 1 meter thick in the shadow. The National Park has endangered animals like argali sheep, ibex, snow leopard, black tailed gazelle, etc. There are another touristic sites named Dungeneegyn mouth, Khongoriyn river, Zulganain river, Gegeetyn valley, Burkhant mountain, Khermen tsav/Khermen crack/, Ulaan Khongil/Red Tunnel/ and Bugiyn Tsav/Bugiyn crack/ around the National park.