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Naadam Festival

May 20 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Naadam festival – Mongolian National Holiday

It is written in the historical facts of China as The Khunnu people the ancient ancestor of Mongolians had been celebrating their National Holiday. Early in the 13th Century,  Mongolians have started celebrating Naadam  as a National Holiday of Mongolia. This is very ancient and traditional holiday which consists of national wrestling, archery and horse racing. Since 1206, the year of red tiger, the Great Mongolian Empire declared then started celebrating this celebration as the state holiday and named Men Three Game/Eriin Gurvan Naadam/. Until 1634 the period of Ligden Khan the Last King of the Golden Horde of Mongols, 37 kings of Great Mongolian Empire had been celebrating Naadam as the State Holiday traditionally.

Mongolian Wrestling

There is a rock painting of wresting people, which belongs to 7000-10000 years ago, in the Del mountain of Dundgobi province. The Mongolian wrestling was the only game to challenge their strength and intelligence.  There is no time and   field limits and it has its own special movements like dancing to show themselves to the audience.

The wrestlers line in two rows and the highest titled champion stands on the top of left side and the next ranked one at the top of right side and choose their opponents. There is a rule, higher titled wrestlers always  choose  their opponent. There are 256,512,1024 competitors in the State Naadam, 32,64, 128, 256 in local Naadams. Higher wrestler come to the field with their opponents to start it.

If competitor won more than 5 opponents, he will gain the titles of nachin, khartsaga, zaan/elephant/, garid/phoenix/, arslan/lion/, avarga/champion/, dayan avarga/ 3 times/ and darkhan avarga/grand champion, more than 5 times. The highest title of the province is Arslan and the highest of soum/village/ is zaan.


May 20
8:00 am - 5:00 pm