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The Gobi tour is one of the most common tours in Mongolia. There are thousands of tourists come to see the Mongolian Gobi every year. Even its weather condition is extreme, people still love to travel in the Gobi, because of its most ancient natural landscape and vast steppe in peace. The way of living of nomads in the Gobi is much different from other parts of Mongolia. The Gobi tour would be an unforgettable travel experience in you.

Day 1. Arrival day

UB city tour /including, Gandan Monastery, National Historical Museum, Lunch, Traditional Cultural show, Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 2. Baga Gazariyn Chuluu

After breakfast in the morning we start our trip to South Gobi of Mongolia. First we drive to see an incredible natural scene of Baga Gazariyn  Chuluu which is the area of granite surrounded by flat plains is located 1768m above sea level covering 300 sq km area and its surroundings and a ruin of old Buddhist temple. Overnight in camp/tent. BLD

Day 3. Tsagaan Suvarga/White Stupa/

Early in the morning we continue our trip to Tsagaan Suvarga /White Stupa/. It is about  60 meters high and 400 meters long very steep cliffs  that were the bottom of an ancient sea. People say, it looks like a city or white stupas when approach from the east. Overnight in tent.

Day 4. Vulture Valley/Yoliyn Am/

Today we drive to Umnugobi/Southgobi/ Province to see the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan/Gobi Three Beauties/ National park. Which is one of the biggest scale of Nationals Parks in Mongolia and its famous about its endangered  wildlife such as bearded vulture /lammergier/,  snowleopard, black ibex and bighorn sheep etc. You are able to see these animals in one place. Also you will enjoy the cool wind from the glacier in the canyon. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 5. Khongoriyn Sand Dunes

As the sun rises, we start our trip to Khongoriyn Sand Dunes the biggest sand dune of Mongolia. The paved road will over and the dirt-road will begin from here and you will recognize how  Mongolian Gobi is big and wide and emptiness.The road  is kind of hard but our 4wd vehicles will overcome it easily. Overnight in ger.

Day 6. Khongoriyn Sand Dunes-Rest Day

You can make your day to challenge yourself with climbing the Singing Dune /Duut Mankhan/ of Khongoriyn Sand dunes. At the top of the dunes you can find peace and hear the voice of singing sand in the wind, and would be a  suitable place to meditate. Overnight in camp.

Day 7. Bayanzag-Flaming Cliff

We’ll go to see a dinosaur signs in Bayanzag /The Flaming Cliff/, the first dinosaur eggs were found here by Roy Chapman Andrews the paleontologist from USA in 1924. Also, you are possible to see the enchanting sunset in the Gobi and could capture great photos. Overnight in camp/tent.

Day 8. Ongi Monastery

Here we finish our Gobi tour, leaving the Gobi behind and entering central of Mongolia today. We’ll explore Ongi river valley and the secret history of Ongi monastery the one of the old temples belongs to the 17th century. The road would be in same condition. Overnight in camp/tent

Day 9. Kharakhorum

Today we move to ancient Mongolian Capital called Kharkhorum/Kharkhorin in modern language/ and see the Erdene-Zuu monastery the famous one from middle age and Orkhon Valley Cultural  Landscape. Overnight in camp.

Day 10.  Hustai National Park

Towards to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes and ride a camel there and keep driving to Khustay National Park, which is well known about  its wildlife like elk, marmot wolf, various species of birds and takhi  the wild horse /Przewalski Horse/ etc. Overnight in camp.

Day 11. Ulaanbaatar City

When we arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon, we usually go to buy souvenirs and some cashmere, by the way you can find the best and cheapest cashmere products  only in Mongolia. Dinner at restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 12. Departure

Transfer to airport.


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