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The Darhad depression is located to the west of the Khordol Saridag mountain range in the Khovsgol province.  There are 248 rivers, 377 lakes and 24 springs in Darhad depression which provides  95% of  total freshwater of Mongolia. Darkhad depression is the source of the Selenge river and other rivers such as Enisei and Delgermoron. Lakes and rivers among the Darkhad depression is the home for many species of fish.  Almost 70% of the great Taiga of Khovsgol  is in  Darkhad depression  and the tallest larch of Mongolia grows in the place named Ereg Hash. White moss the only food for reindeer grows in Darkhad depression , so it becomes a only homeland for reindeer and moose.

There are 13 ovoo on the mountain pass called Ul Khalzan on way to Ulaan-Mountain.  Ul Khalzan is 2110 m above sea level. Darkhad people are living spread across the Mongolia and their history began in 12th or 13th Century.

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